16 Pinkies Mice, 1-2 Days Old Frozen Blister Pack (Czech Supplier)

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We are proud of the quality of our frozen mice. Frozen mice are a great diet for many snakes, lizards, amphibians and many other pets.

  • Do not microwave!
  • 100% farm raised domestic mice.
  • Use tongs to handle frozen rodents and use the same storage and handling guidelines as you would for any perishable products.
  • Remove frozen rodent from bag and allow to thaw at room temperature. (Be sure that the rodent is completely thawed before feeding to your pet).
  • A quicker way to thaw is to place the frozen rodent in a plastic bag and run under warm water until the rodent reaches room temperature. Then, check to make sure the rodent is soft all the way through.
  • Wash hands after handling all food items.

Frozen goods may thaw partially or completely during shipping, this does not degrade quality providing refreezing is immediate on the day of delivery to guarantee 100% freshness and to preserve all-natural vitamins and minerals. All our frozen foods are gamma heat treated.

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