Ammannia gracilis (Czech Supplier)

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Ammannia gracilis is a very attractive and popular aquarium plant among the aquarium enthusiasts due to its brilliant colouration, hardiness and relatively less troublesome growing requirements. It is also known as Red ammannia, Large ammannia, Delicate ammania and Pink ammannia. It was first introduced into the hobby by aquarist P.J. Bussink.

Distribution and Habitat:

It is native to West Africa where it is found in floodplains, marshes, streams and riverbanks. In nature, it prefers to grow with very powerful shoots in sandy soils with minimum nutrients. It is a palustrine plant and it can grow in both emerged and submerged conditions. In submerged condition, the leaves are elongated and narrow with red and brown in colour while in emerged condition, the leaves become shorter, round and dark olive green in colour.

Physical Description:

Ammania gracilis has a bare, fleshy and erect stem that extends up to 60 cm in length. The stem bears narrow and wavy leaves which are arranged in opposite direction. The leaves which grow over water surface are linear or back-ovate shape with olive green in colour while the underwater leaves have a lanceolate shape.

The colour of the leaves varies from pale green to a bronzy red. These colour variation mainly depends on light intensity and nutrients. The length of water surface leaf is 2-6 cm and width is 1-1.8 cm and the length of the underwater leaf is 7-1 cm and width is 0.7-1.8 cm.

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