Aqua Connect Silicarbon


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Aqua Connect Silicarbon is a granulate for the elimination of silicic acid in fresh and saltwater. Silicon components are vital components of life, through only required in small quantities, in fresh and saltwater come along compounds called silicic acid. Thus, high levels of silicic acid are in a tank must be considered a substantial disturbing factor. Natural habits, not yet affected by humans, normally contain only low concentrations of silicic acid. Silicic acid is a collective name for all compounds based on SiO2NH2O. Silicic acid comes into the tank directly by the domestic tap water or as emission from some sort of stones. The silicic acid removed from the water by the biological process will be permanently replaced by the dissolution of the corresponding quantity of SiO2 rocks.

The side effect of high silicic acid loads in fresh and saltwater is an undesired intense growth of so-called smear algae, which spreads the surface like a carpet in brown and blue-green colours in fresh water and brown and red colours in saltwater. Smear algae are not algae but bacteria covering plants, corals and fixtures. Silicic acid levels of more than 0.1 mg/l in fresh and saltwater will result in negative effects as described above.

Aqua Connect Silicarbon binds silicic acid and silicates by chemical adsorption (binding) into the granulate preventing a recurring dissolution. Removing the granulate from the system removes the adsorbed SiO2 surely. Aqua Connect Silicarbon will not emit any unwanted accompanying substances into the water. The application in fresh and saltwater ist totally harmless.

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