Aqua-Tropica Baby Vital


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Special food for all Guppies.
Our slowly sinking micro granules for young and small fish are specially tailored to the needs of Guppies. This slowly sinking granulate enables the fish to take up the food where they would eat it in the wild in order to always find a sufficient food supply. The high proportion of spirulina and vegetable additives, herbs and vegetables as well as crustaceans and trace elements makes AT Baby Vital particularly digestible and ensures optimal nutrition of these small, live-bearing ornamental fish.

  • Slowly falling micro granules
  • Enables natural food intake
  • Also ideal for young and small fish
  • Optimal nutrition thanks to the high percentage of spirulina
    and herbal additives in herbs and vegetables

recommendation Feed 1-2 times a day as much as can be eaten in a few minutes. Feed young, still growing fish 2-3 times a day. Leftover food remains should generally be removed from the aquarium.


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