Aqua-Tropica Cherax Vital


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Aqua-Tropica Cherax Vital is 5 – 6 mm large, water-stable food pellets for crayfish. It was specially developed for feeding Cherax species and tailored to their body size and nutritional needs. The food slowly sinks to the bottom where the crayfish usually ingest it. Contained vitamins, strengthen the immune system and prevent moulting problems. A balanced composition of animal and vegetable food ensures problem-free moulting. Added vitamins prevent deficiency symptoms. A special mix of nutrients supports the development of body substances such as muscles and tissue and provides the crabs with the kinetic energy they need for these nimble hunters.

Feeding Recommendation: Feed 2 – 3 food pellets per crayfish up to twice a day, depending on the size of the animals. Since the food pellets are water-stable without disintegrating, few pellets that have not been eaten are not a problem. Food residues that have remained for a long time should generally be removed from the aquarium. Store the feed can close and dry after opening.

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