Aqua-Tropica Dr. Shrimp Healthy Baby


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Young shrimp need not only a lot of energy for the numerous moults in the first weeks of life, but also an extensive supply of nutrients, which they can optimally use in the intestine in order to generate this necessary energy. The ultra-fine micro granulate has all the necessary nutrients in a particularly readily available form and was developed to reduce losses during rearing in the first days of life to a minimum. Baby contains all essential minerals, trace elements, amino acids, vital substances, building blocks and various enzymes so that the shrimp is not only optimally supplied and protected from deficiency symptoms but also grow healthy and evenly.

Feeding Recommendation: 3 – 4 pellet granules per shrimp twice a day. We recommend waiting until the food from the previous feeding has been completely eaten before feeding again. Thanks to our special recipe and production, the feed remains stable and tasty even after a long time in the water.


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