Aqua-Tropica Dr. Shrimp Healthy Herbal


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The new herbal food contains a mix of different medicinal herbs to support the immune system as a preventive measure and during disease treatment. The food contains the herbs peppermint, thyme, mugwort and chickweed, which have been known for centuries. All purely natural ingredients such as tannins, mineral salts, vital substances, especially vitamins A and C as well as iron, magnesium and potassium, which have been carefully processed in a balanced ratio, have a stimulating, digestive, disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect and thus contribute to the health of the shrimp. In addition to all-natural ingredients for a balanced diet, Herbal does not contain any artificial colours.

Feeding Recommendation: 3 – 4 pellet granules per shrimp twice a day. We recommend waiting until the food from the previous feeding has been completely eaten before feeding again. Thanks to our special recipe and production, the feed remains stable and tasty even after a long time in the water.

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