Aqua-Tropica Fachergarnelen Vital


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This food in micro-granules, specially developed by the German company Aqua-Tropica for absolutely all varieties of filter feeder shrimp, which, with the help of their fans, catch small suspended food particles and microorganisms from the water.

In nature, filter shrimp consume foods rich in proteins and vitamins. Sometimes, improper nutrition in an aquarium with too few minerals gives them too little energy. And these animals consume a lot of energy due to their lifestyle, which cannot always be restored only with flakes. The filter shrimp needs to be fed extra because what is good for the fish is not enough for them. An insufficient supply of minerals leads to moulting problems and colour fading of animals. They may even die from deficiency symptoms.

The specialized food AT Fan shrimp Vital contains all the essential vitamins and minerals for filter shrimp. Specially formulated powder feed supports metabolic function, strengthens the immune system and leads to increased vitality, which translates into vibrant colours and health.


Spirulina powder, crustaceans, brine shrimp, calcium, vegetable offal.

Analytical Composition:

35.0% protein, 6.0% fat, 3.0% fiber, 7.0% ash.

Feeding Recommendations:

The food must be poured directly into a place with good water flow so that it is independently distributed in the water and will be filtered by your pets.

Additional information

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