Aqua-Tropica Minifisch Vital Granules


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Main food granulate for nano fish

Our slowly sinking micro granulate is ideal for all small freshwater fish such as tetras, rasboras, danios, small barbels, dwarf armoured catfish, guppies and most other livebearers. With its granular form and composition, the feed is ideally adapted to the needs of mini fish. This slowly sinking granulate enables the fish to take up food where they would also eat in the wild.

Feeding Recommendation: Put a wide knife tip or our food spoon (not included in delivery) into the aquarium 1 – 2 times a day. The feed distributes itself through the current in the water and can thus be optimally ingested by the Rasboras in different layers of water. Only feed as much as the animals can eat in approx. 30 seconds, if necessary adjust the feed dosage. One or two fasting days a week also supports a healthy digestive system. Store the food can tightly closed and dry after opening.


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