Aqua-Tropica Muschel Vital


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Since there is usually not enough food available for mussels in an aquarium due to the filtering of the aquarium filter, the mussels have to be additionally fed with fine food, otherwise, they would starve to death overtime. Oriented towards the nutrition of mussels in the wild, Aqua-Tropica Muschel Vital ensures an optimal supply with a balanced mixture of animal and vegetable proteins from Artemia and plankton and provides your mussels with exactly the energy and nutrients they need. Our special nutrient mix of vitamins, calcium and montmorillonite ensures optimal growth and healthy structure of the shell. The natural montmorillonite stimulates digestion and ensures that vitamins and minerals can be better absorbed.

Feeding Recommendation: Put a wide knife tip or feed spoon 0.1 ml (not included in delivery) into the aquarium 1 – 2 times a day. The feed distributes itself automatically through the current in the water and can thus be optimally filtered (filtered) by the mussels for feeding and out of the water.

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