Aqua-Tropica Nano Guard

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Water conditioner with long-range for fish, shrimp and nano aquariums with fivefold protection.

The Aqua-Tropica Nano Guard water conditioners are more than just an ordinary water conditioner. They are characterized by their long-range in small packaging and are suitable for both invertebrates and nano fish. Aqua-Tropica Nano Guard, enriched with dexpanthenol, antibacterial agents iodine and colloids, offers five-fold protection for your aquarium inhabitants and converts aggressive, fresh tap water into aquarium-friendly water.

With fivefold protection for your animals:

  1. Reliably and quickly removes chlorine and permanently binds harmful substances such as copper and heavy metals.
  2. Organic colloids protect the gills and mucous membranes of fish.
  3. The iodine it contains improves the vitality of fish and the moulting behaviour of shrimp and crayfish.
  4. Additional antibacterial agents reduce the number of germs around aquarium water.
  5. Dexpanthenol promotes wound healing in small injuries to the fins and armour of the animals.

Application: When setting up a new home, changing water or after medication treatment.

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