Aqua-Tropica Nano Stabil NO²

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Bacteria starter and water clarifier. Eliminates ammonia and nitrite in aquarium water.

Bacteria starter and water clarifier with 1 billion cells per 10 ml to activate the bacterial flora. Shortens the run-in phase for new installations for fresh and seawater. Activates the self-cleaning mechanism and detoxifies the water by breaking down ammonium, ammonia and nitrite. Inhibits the growth of nitrate by Nitrobacter, prevents algae growth and prevents pathogens from growing.


Always use Aqua-Tropica Nano Guard water conditioner first and Aqua-Tropica Nano Stabil NO² one hour later to prevent damage to the bacteria.


After cleaning the filter, restarting the filter, setting it up for the first time, after treating a disease, after changing the water to activate the bacterial fauna.


When setting up a new one, 5 dispenser portions per 10 litres of aquarium water daily for 10 days After treating the disease or changing the water, 10 dispenser portions per 10 litres of aquarium water. As a care product, 5 dispenser portions per 10 litres of aquarium water per week. With regular use, the water will be clearer after 2-3 weeks.

Content: 125 ml for 1250 liters

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