Aqua-Tropica Schnecken Vital Mineral


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Minerals, trace elements and vitamins provide optimal animal care and a perfectly developed shell. Lack of minerals in the water, this often shows discolouration or holes in the shell. Especially in soft water, only small amounts of minerals are often present, and therefore it is especially important for aquatic snails to feed through food. AT Schnecken-Vital Mineral – 1 cm food tablets made from natural raw materials with a high calcium content, which quickly sink to the bottom and provide important minerals for sustainable growth and a healthy shell.

To prevent mineral defects, especially for snails in soft water. Loss of body colour, white rough body, grooves or holes in the body often indicates a mineral deficiency. Once the snails reach a certain size, they will begin to reproduce the damage to housing in the event of a mineral deficiency and stop growing.

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