Aqua-Tropica Water Natural Nano Life


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Aqua Tropica Nano Life is the first aid measure for unexplained shrimp mortality and/or rapidly weakening animals on a 100% natural basis.

Aqua Tropica Nano Life binds materials such as copper, pesticides, drug residues, chlorine and other heavy metals in the shortest possible time and therefore toxins are quickly neutralized.

Aqua Tropica Nano Life is also best used as a precaution when placing new aquarium plants because they often contain residues of fertilizers and/or pesticides, which are often used in aquatic plant growers as pest control against snails or lice.

Aqua Tropica Nano Life adds minerals and trace elements and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. The aquarium inhabitants become more vital and the water becomes crystal clear.


In shrimp farming to solve the acute failure. To dispose of remnants of medicines. cloudy water or to remove yellow water in case of algae problems, elevated phosphate levels, unpleasant odours in the water from transport and in new animals, in the prevention of poisoning by adding new aquarium plants.


  • In case of water change 2x spray per 10 litres of freshwater.
  • When symptoms of poisoning, with the addition of new plants or to remove other harmful substances from the aquarium water, spray 6x per 10 litres of aquarium water for five days.
  • As a care product or in case of breeding problems, give 3x spray per week to 10 litres of aquarium water.

Content: 125 ml for 2250 liters

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