Aqua-Tropica White Balls


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Aqua-Tropica White Balls are mineral balls with a diameter of approx. 3.0 cm for denitrification of aquarium water. They absorb substances that are harmful to shrimp, such as nitrates and nitrates from the water, which are broken down by aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, which significantly increases the fauna. At the same time, the balls mineralize the water and reduce the formation of algae.

  • Binds pollutants such as nitrite, nitrate, phosphate
  • The fauna is supported
  • Algae growth is inhibited
  • Releases minerals into the water
  • Reduce mineral fluctuations by changing the water in the water

Tip: The balls should not be brought in during the run-in phase, but only 1 day before they are first stocked with animals. Here a nitrite peak is prevented in advance!

Application: 1 ball is sufficient for a 10-30 litre aquarium. As the balls bind nitrates and nitrates are nutrients for algae, algae can form on the balls. To remove the algae, simply brush the ball under running water. Then place the ball back in the aquarium without any further measures. Depending on the concentration of pollutants in the aquarium, the balls should be replaced after 6-12 months as they lose their absorbing properties over time. The balls can be used as decoration at any time.

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