Aqua-Tropica White Liquid Calcium Carbonate


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Liquid calcium carbonate for shrimps, crabs and snails – to balance calcium in aquarium water.

  • Prevents calcium deficiency
  • Supports moulting
  • Supports the shell and housing structure of crustaceans, snails and mussels
  • Prevents deformities

Shortly before moulting, shrimp and crayfish only absorb around 20 to 25% of the total body calcium from the old shell. The rest of the calcium intake is largely taken up through the water. Since there is usually a lack of calcium in aquariums, this must be regularly supplied via the water. If there is a lack of calcium or there is too little calcium, this deficiency can lead to moulting problems, which often leads to a false moult or to the fact that the carapace does not harden properly after a moult. In snails, a calcium deficiency shows up through holes in the shell.

Application: For moulting problems, moult-related malformations, softshells, holey or dissolving snail shells, for general support of the shell and shell structure of crustaceans, snails and mussels.

Dosage: Give 4 dispenser portions to 10 litres of aquarium water every evening. Any cloudiness that may appear is normal and will disappear within a short time.

Content: 125ml for 1500 liters.

Important! Shake well for 30 seconds before use.

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