Arcadia EarthPro Revitalise D3

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EarthPro by Arcadia Reptile using the balances found in nature to provide highly Bioavailable, safe and effective feeding solutions for captive reptiles. Tried, Tested, Trusted.

EarthPro Revitalise D3 has been developed to be safe and easy to use, decreasing the risks of over supplying vitamins A and D3 reported with some super potent historic powders. High levels of preformed vitamin potency are not required when using modern UV lighting and feeding a full and varied diet. Revitalise D3 has been formulated to mimic the levels of preformed A, D3 and E that are found within a small mammal. Most Reptiles are not obligate in their feeding groups, with many benefitting greatly from finding and consuming the odd vertebrate or egg. This is safe, natural and beneficial feeding, EarthPro Revitalise D3 seeks to replicate this.

EarthPro Revitalise D3 incorporates all of the well known benefits of EarthPro A but with added Magnesium and low levels of preformed A, D3 and E. It can be used alongside EarthPro A and EarthPro CalciumPro Mg to provide lifelong nutritional excellence.


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