Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bar Lamp

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The Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bar Lamp is sleek, bold, powerful, able to deliver the energy needed to allow plants to grow, and to cause active basking in Arid species by increasing visible light levels in terraria and vivaria.

Using a specifically designed mix of Full-spectrum, High Output LEDs, Arcadia have created an LED bar that can project a vast quantity of light with a very high PAR value. Jungle Dawn LED Bar projects a Full-Spectrum of light that mimics visible natural sunlight (6200 kelvin), along the «Photosynthetic Active Response Curve» but without using PAR limiting separate red and blue diodes.

Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bar uses a «triple track» LED configuration with a high degree of built in internal protection. Jungle Dawn LED Bar will project a very wide, even and usable «flood» of energy rich illumination, removing the risks associated with «point source» LED lamps. This LED system will both increase visible light levels for terrestrial baskers and provide the energy that is required by plants to grow. Jungle Dawn LED Bar creates a vast quantity of light, greatly reducing the need to use large numbers of plant growth fluorescent lamps.

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