Arcadia Mini T5 UVB Kit Luminaire 8W

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The Arcadia UV Mini Kit arrives complete with our German made 2.4% UV-B «Standard Output T5» 8w lamp and is the perfect choice for deep shade dwellers in reduced height enclosures, or for fitting to bird cages.

This easy to fit Kit includes the electronics, power cable, fitting kit, long link cable, specially designed reflector and 2.4% UV-B lamp.

Each fitting has its own power switch and can be individually controlled. Up to 10 units can be linked up together using the FREE «link cable» from a single power source.

The UV Mini Kit is the perfect choice for providing UV-B rich light in small wooden or glass vivariums or in larger tubs.

These high quality Kits simply make reptile lighting easy and at a price that is hard to beat.

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