Arcadia Dry IP64 T8 Vivarium Controller

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Perfect for controlling T8 lighting systems in dry vivariums and terrariums, this Arcadia Dry T8 Vivarium Controller IP64 is the durable a reliable power adaptor for T8 fluorescent lighting units.

Rated to IP64, these Arcadia Dry T8 controllers can be used to power and control T8 fluorescent reptile lighting in dry environments, such as desert vivariums where humidity is extremely low – perfect for pets like bearded dragons and uromastyx.

The Dry T8 Vivarium Controller is perfect for T8 tubes that maintain the needs of desert reptiles in captivity, giving them the UV and light they need to survive.

As the IP64 is only for dry habitats, it works out cheaper than the IP67 controller which has higher waterproof tolerance for the humid environments of the rain forest reptiles.

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