Hemigraphis sp. Exotica

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Hemigraphis sp. Exotica is commonly called Waffle Plant or Purple Waffle Plant in recognition of its waffled, glossy maroon-purple leaves. It is primarily valued as a ground cover or container plant for its puckered and colorful foliage. Hemigraphis sp. Exotica is a prostrate tropical perennial that typically grows to 15 – 22 cm tall and spreads indefinitely along the ground rooting at the stem nodes as it goes. Puckered, ovate leaves (to 8 – 9 cm long) are glossy maroon to purplish-green above and wine red beneath. Small white flowers in terminal spikes bloom in late spring to early summer.

Hemigraphis sp. Exotica is a cultivated creeping plant. It is often planted as a carpet plant or ground cover in gardens. Once established, the species grows forming large dense carpets. The plant can be easily reproduced by vegetative means (cuttings or clump division). The plant tolerates submerged roots, but it’s not a true aquatic plant, and will survive only short periods submersed.

Growing Conditions: Average or above average warmth in summer. Keep fairy cool in winter – minimum temperature 18°C. Bright light – avoid direct sunshine. Grow in soilless or soil-based potting mix. Water freely from spring to autumn – sparingly in Winter. Use tepid water. Mist leaves frequently, especially in hot weather. Take stem cuttings in spring. Use a rooting hormone and provide bottom head.

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