Komodo Calcium Dusting Powder

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Komodo Calcium Dusting Powder can be used to supplement your pets live food. Strong bones and calcium are essential for a healthy and happy life. Calcium is an essential part of any diet and using Komodo’s Calcium Dusting Powder as part of a varied diet ensures access to this essential mineral which helps build strong bones and guards against conditions such as metabolic bone disease.

Feeding Directions:

You can apply Komodo’s Calcium Dusting Powder directly to live food such as crickets, locusts or mealworms, and also fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables.

An easy application method is to place the insects or fresh foods into an appropriate plastic bag. Add a portion of the calcium dusting powder and shake vigorously until the powder is evenly dispersed. You can then present to the animal.

When feeding insects, placing the bag containing the insects into a fridge for 5 – 15 minutes will cool them down. This will make them slower meaning they are quickly caught and eaten before the dust is lost from the animal.

For certain lizards and amphibians, it is good practice to place a small dish containing Komodo Calcium Dusting Powder within their enclosure. This will allow them access to a calcium source when needed.

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