Komodo Calcium Supplement for Herbivores

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Komodo Calcium Supplement for Herbivores contains a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals with extra calcium and phosphorus to help provide a balanced diet for herbivorous animals. It is the ideal supplement for vegetarian animals receiving natural or artificial UVB light and therefore requiring minimal levels of additional D3. Komodo Calcium Supplement for Herbivores is designed to be applied to fresh herbivorous diets containing grass, leaves, fruit and vegetables.

Dusted onto your reptile’s fruit, veg or pellets, it gives your reptile a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals that are likely to be missing or incomplete within their diet, as well as a big dose of calcium. This is because calcium has special significance in reptile diets – without it (and the Vitamin D3 used to absorb it, usually gained from UV light) your reptile cannot develop a healthy bone structure, which can lead to a range of medical problems.

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