Komodo Straw Terrain

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Komodo Straw Terrain is a naturally soft substrate, which due to it being suitable for dry or humid environments, is ideal for use with tortoises and a wide range of snakes and lizards. Made from 100% natural straw, this eco-friendly, sustainable and bio-degradable substrate is ultra absorbent and virtually dust free. The quick absorbency of the pellets helps to reduce odours by reducing the release of ammonia, whilst soiled pellets are easily isolated and removed helping to keep the enclosure fresh and odour-free. Straw Terrain will break down to fine particles if they become wet and will break down in the same way if accidently swallowed reducing the risk of impaction. Spread the pellets evenly over the bottom of the enclosure to a depth of at least 1 – 2″ (2.5 – 5 cm). Spot-clean soiled terrain daily and replace with fresh pellets. Komodo recommends completely replacing the terrain every two to three weeks or more frequently if it becomes heavily soiled or wet. If using a heat mat in conjunction with Straw Terrain position mat on the side or back of the enclosure, do not exceed a layer of 1cm if mat must be placed on the base of the enclosure.

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