New Life Spectrum Algae Gel


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New Life Spectrum’s Algae Gel is available in a powdered form where it can be made up simply to form an algae-enhanced nutritional herbivore diet.

This Gel mix is a soft, stable and highly palatable food suitable for all kinds of herbivorous fish. It is especially loved by grazers such as Corydoras and Plecos and makes for both a good treat and a staple diet.

Spectrum Algae Gel uses a wide range of aquatic vegetation, including Chlorella Algae, Spirulina, Ulva and Wakame Seaweed and more. Most herbivore diets just use a single source of seafood, like kelp. However, no one green ingredient alone has all the nutrition needed for healthy herbivores fish. Your aquarium needs veggies in a variety of colours and sources that mimics the plant diversity in their natural diets. In fact, too much kelp can also cause digestive problems for fish. Spectrum is the complete herbivore nutrition solution, there simply is no comparison on the market.

  • Complete diet for all fish sizes, Marine & Freshwater.
  • Includes large quantities of a wide variety of algae and seaweeds that mimics the natural herbivore diet.
  • Simple to mix in minutes for the firm, water-stable highly-scented soft gel food.
  • Spectrum high nutrition density formula can maintain colour and vitality in all types of marine and freshwater fish.

An ideal substitute for veg+seaweed and frozen supplemental dietary items.

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