Oxyhaloa deusta

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Offering Oxyhaloa deusta (Red Head Cockroach). The cockroach is painted black. Only the head is dark red (which is why it got its name). The larva is black with a redhead.

Both larvae and adults do not burrow into the ground, which allows the predator to easily catch them. It feeds on plants and various organic residues.

The cockroach is ovoviviparous. The female reproduces up to 30 tiny cockroaches.

The red-headed cockroach is very prolific. I keep my cockroaches in an insectarium 35.5 x 17 x 13 centimetres. At the bottom, you can pour a layer of earth or coarse shavings. As a cover, it is best to place light pieces of bark, which are placed in several layers on top of each other. You can put small twigs. A rotten birch trunk is very good as a cover. Cockroaches quickly inhabit wood, which they feed on. You need to feed red-headed cockroaches with different fruits, vegetables, bread. It is imperative to give dry Gammarus and crushed insects because cockroaches can damage or eat congeners that have just moulted. The cockroach runs well on glass, so a Vaseline barrier is needed.

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