Platygyra sp. (Frag)

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Distributed in the Indo-Pacific and off the coast of Australia.

They inhabit a wide range of habitats. The basis of the diet is provided by symbiotic zooxanthellae algae, but in nature, these corals also eat planktonic food. Platigirs belong to the group of brain corals. Colonies of numerous polyps have a rounded, domed shape, their surface is lined with low winding ridges. The colouration is usually two-coloured, the oral disc and septa are of different colours. Most often, there is a contrasting combination of greenish oral discs with brown ridges.

These are relatively easy corals to maintain, often reaching considerable sizes in an aquarium. For small species, an aquarium is required from 100 litres, for large species, from 200 or more. The lighting is medium, not overly intense. The course is moderate. Temperature 24 – 27 degrees, water hardness 1.023-1.025, pH 8.1-8.4. For the coral to function normally, it is necessary to maintain a sufficient level of calcium in the aquarium, it is also necessary to add strontium and other trace elements to the water.

Most of the nutrients for these corals are provided by symbiotic algae. To improve growth, it is advisable to feed with zooplankton or very finely chopped seafood meat. Food should be brought directly to the tentacles of the polyps, fed in the dark.

Platygyra is a moderately aggressive coral. By spreading its tentacles, it can grow significantly in size, so in a reef aquarium, this coral must be provided with a spacious individual area.

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