Pycnoscelus indicus


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Offering Pycnoscelus indicus (Indian Cockroach). A small cockroach reaching 18-25 mm in length. The development of the larvae in the substrate. Adult insects can climb smooth vertical surfaces. It is sometimes listed as a synanthropic insect.

The size of the breeding container should be adapted to the number of cockroaches. The decor can be pieces of bark, roots, nutshells, dry leaves. Pycnoscelus indicus eagerly burrows, and the larvae develop in the substrate, therefore the substrate layer should be at least a few centimetres thick. As a substrate, we can use peat, coconut soil for flowers. Adult insects climb well on smooth vertical surfaces, therefore the upper edges of the breeding container should be smeared with petroleum jelly, and the ventilation openings should be made of fine mesh.

Omnivorous species, both plant and animal foods such as grain products, dry food for dogs and cats, food for fish, fruit, vegetables. Foods are best served in bowls. Uneaten food is best removed.

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