Reef Bond Glue


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Quick-setting special adhesive on a cement base. The glue is suitable for glueing decorations (stones) when setting up an aquarium, but also when additional glueing underwater of both corals and other decorations.

The glue is mixed with water and applied to the contact surfaces of the stones. The adhesive is chemically stable and does not release any harmful substances into the water.

Always add a small amount of cold water to the powder (never add the powder to the water) and mix to a plasticine-like consistency. Prepare only the quantity that you will process immediately.

If you do not succeed for the first time, do not lose your head, especially glueing underwater needs a little practice. Do not forget to clean the stones for glueing underwater from algae at the interface. It is always better to make smaller glued surfaces than one large one.

The advantage of this adhesive is its great stability, and when properly glued underwater, glued stones, corals and the like do not fall off even after a few years.

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