Tropical 6-in-1 Water Test


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Tropical 6-in-1, 50 test strips for your garden pond.

6 water values at once Test result within 60 seconds Absolutely easy to use All test strips in the re-sealable can pH, GH, KH, nitrite (No2), nitrate (No3) and chlorine (CL2).

Many garden ponds often struggle with problems in the garden pond and cannot explain where they come from. Excessive algae growth, murky water and fish extinction are just some of these symptoms, which are usually caused by poor water parameters in the garden pond. To get these problems under control, it is important to know the water parameters of your garden pond water. With the Tropical 6-in-1 test and its 6 quick test strips, you can measure the 6 most important water parameters in the garden pond quickly and efficiently. In just 60 seconds, you will know the quality of the water in your garden pond. Simply put the test strip into the water to be checked for 2 – 3 seconds, wait 60 seconds and you can read the values quickly and easily on the colour scale, and there is absolutely no need for expert knowledge. The enclosed information we tell you exactly the most important water values and what you need to consider.

Application: You simply dip the Tropical 6 in 1 multi-water test strip into the garden pond water to be tested for 2 – 3 seconds and shake off excess water. After about 1 minute you can read your water values on the enclosed colour scale.


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